Schedule An On-Site Appointment

Our on-site appointments are booked during one time slot - from 1pm-5pm. Because the length of time for on-site appointments can be unpredictable we do not book exact times for our appointments but instead book multiple appointments during our 1pm-5pm time slot. Please be available for your technician to drop in during those hours. If you are not available for the entire time slot, you can leave a note during booking to let us know when during that time slot you will be available and when you won't be available. Please note that this may result in the need to reschedule your appointment if we are not able to accommodate your request.

The maximum time for an on-site appointment is 2 hours. If your technician is unable to complete the work during that time, an additional appointment will need to be scheduled or the service may need to be completed in-shop. Additional on-site or in-shop services will result in additional fees.